Friday, July 9, 2010

Total weight gain....

Today was my LAST diabetes appointment. It was a class for eating well after the baby is born. Basically, they tell me to stay on my same diet plan of low carbs, snacks between meals, etc. Which I will definitely be doing because according to the BMI chart...I should be under 100 pounds as my ideal weight for my height!!! 98 lbs to be exact. WHOA!
So far, with this pregnancy, I have gained almost exactly 20 pounds. Which seems awesome to me (considering most of my girlfriends and sisters gained over 50 with their first babies)...but I realize now that I was about 20 pounds over weight when I got I guess that makes it even out????
Anywho, I am super excited to be done with my diabetes classes and appointments. She still wants me to check my sugars and stick with the plan, but my doctor told me I didn't have to prick my finger so many times. Yay me! And Yay to not having to get put on insulin.
As soon as I can, I'm going to get back to the gym and back to my kickboxing classes. I have a new goal now to lose 30 pounds by Christmas. Hopefully breastfeeding and sticking to my annoying diabetes diet will help.

17 more days 'till Sawyer girl gets here!!!

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