Thursday, July 8, 2010

Doc appointment today

We got another ultrasound today. Sawyer's a chunker. Her lips are really big says the doctor and she has chubby cheeks. Jack swears he knows exactly what she looks like now...I couldn't see anything. Everything is so blurry and crammed. She has a little bit of hair (which contradicts my heartburn = lots of hair theory). The doc didn't weigh her this time, but she will next week. My cervix is not dilated and is completely closed...but the doctor said she's going to work on that each week (sounds fun).
Still scheduled to be induced on the 26th and we are SO excited. Everything is just about done. Getting some more "supplies" tonight and the crib bedding is supposed to be here by next weekend. Still no word on the furniture, but hopefully it will be here by this weekend like it supposed to.
Today I'm feeling very fortunate for the awesome family and friends I have. My MIL wrote my husband the sweetest letter, it brought tears to my eyes. I wish so much she could be here when Sawyer is born so she can experience how proud Jack is of his little girl. I'm thankful that my parents and BFF are coming to support me and my Aunt is coming the following week to see the baby and fly home with my mom. Let's all hope everything goes according to planned...but even if it doesn't, and no one is here when Sawyer is born except for me and Jack...then I'm okay with that too.
Now I'm off to the chiropractor! Yay for massages!!!

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