Thursday, July 15, 2010


Holy mother of Mary....the baby's furniture got delivered TODAY! Nothing like waiting 'till the last minute people. I cannot recommend Buy Buy Baby to anyone...please do not use them. Sweet husband and friend Mark are going to put it together tonight to help calm my nerves. The custom crib bedding I ordered to be made in APRIL (same time I ordered the much for being proactive) from Etsy is stilllll not here yet. The lady (CustomStuff2 Etsy name) told me she was working on it and planned to ship it by the end of this week... guess what lady??? It's Thursday! So you have one more day! What sucks about Etsy (and I am ADDICTED to it) is that there is no way to hold these people accountable. Except by giving them a "negative" feedback that gets posted on their Etsy site...which I SOOO WILL be doing as soon as I have the bedding ;)
Will post pictures of the furniture soon.
Doctor appointment today at 3. Been having some cramping. Might be early labor signs??? We will see. But I would really like her to come on the 26th as planned.... I told her this, so I'm sure she will listen to mommy like a little angel. xoxo

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