Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sneak Preview of Sawyer's Room!

Here's a preview of Baby Sawyer's room. It's the cutest thing EVER! I'm still waiting for the furniture. The brown walls are painted striped with the same color, just one flat paint and one satin paint. The stencil on the bottom pink I got from Hobby Lobby and my MIL came in town and her and Jack stencilled and painted away. The chandelier is from Ikea and the Sawyer decal on the wall is from Etsy. The frames on the wall are from Ikea and I painted them pink to match the pink wall. Then I framed the crib bedding fabric.
The furniture is supposed to be here by July 10th at the latest...we shall see. And I've been bugging my Etsy lady that's making the bedding and told her I needed it by this weekend. Again, we shall see.

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