Saturday, July 24, 2010

Cheryl and Bob... en-route

Mom and Dad are on their way to Texas! They should be here in an hour or so. This is their first visit to come see us (we've lived here for over 2 years). My mom is staying for 2 weeks and she's so excited because she's NEVER been ANYWHERE for 2 whole weeks! Ha ha ha. They are too funny. Dad leaves Wednesday with Lauren, who gets here Monday. I'm glad my crazy dad has someone to fly with who is not a nervous nelly like him. Neither of my parents like to fly. Aunt Tina will fly home with my mom in 2 weeks.
Mom and Dad at our wedding. October 2008.

Tomorrow night we go to the hospital!! I had my "pre-admission" hospital appointment yesterday to register and sign a ton of papers and get some blood work done. I have to stop eating and drinking tomorrow at 2 p.m.!! That is just WRONG to do to a pregnant girl... we don't go to the hospital till 8 p.m. and then all they give me is ice chips. I should be nice and STARVING by the time we get there. So I'm eating a huge breakfast and lunch.

Thinking tomorrow we will just hang at the pool all day.

My wonderful husband cleaned the entire house today. I had a house cleaner scheduled for Friday, but they cancelled on me last minute. So Jack cleaned his heart out yesterday and today. I am too fat and get way too swollen and contractions start when I am on my feet too long. He is the best!

So excited to take me last prego picture tomorrow! I can't believe it's already here.... I mean, I have been pregnant FOREVER and it felt like forever...but it's now HERE! Our little baby is going to be here. So crazy, scary, exciting, and amazing.

I'm starting to get nervous for labor. Not the pain part... although, I've gone through labor with an 8 week old fetus with my miscarriage and that was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I think I went in to shock at one point because it hurt so bad my body would throb numbness, if that makes sense. So I can imagine the labor pains with a full-term baby.

One word: EPIDURAL!!!

I am nervous that everything will go okay with the baby. I just want what is the safest for her...and if that's a c-section I am completely happy with that and less scared/nervous for a c-section than a vaginal delivery. The weirdest part is going to be awake and feeling the pressure. That totally freaks me out.

I just want her to come out perfect and healthy.

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