Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Metal Mouth

Baby Bump at 33 weeks. 6-20-10

Jack got back to Dallas safe and sound from Jamaica on Monday night. He had a good time and said it was beautiful. And he's getting smarter...he told me about cliff jumping AFTER he got home so I wouldn't worry. I can't believe he held out...but I'm glad he did. Our new rule is just tell me when you're done and alive. Glad he's safe and excited to see him on Friday night.
In prego-land...I'm feeling realllllllly good lately. Sometimes I don't even feel pregnant, I swear. I've been taking it easy (trying) this time and not cramming my schedule jam packed to the minute like I usually have to when I'm in town. My only prego complaint is my mouth tastes like METAL all the time!!! It never fails, I hear something about pregnancy and BAM, it happens. Our teacher at childbirth class just said something about a girl that described this taste as sucking on a penny...and yep...that's pretty much what it tastes like. Ugh.
I'm doing pretty good with the Diabetes. It's much harder eating good here than at home. I'm always going to dinner with friends or raiding my parents pantry. But I stilllll fit in to my bridesmaid dress (size 6) and I'm pretty impressed because I thought FOR SURE that I would gain 50-60 pounds. But so far, only 15!! Wooot wooot. I'm actually not super happy about it because this just means that I can't eat all my goodies, but at least it will be easier to get the weight off in the end.
Braxton Hicks contractions are still in full force. And my new pains are the random internal punches in my "you know where" and random pains in my side where it feels like the baby is clawing at my skin. FUN TIMES!
Sawyer is an active little girl. She is ALWAYS moving around. In fact, when I haven't felt her for a few minutes it's weird... and if an hour goes by, it starts freaking me out. She's going to be a fun one!!! Can't WAIT for her to get here. So excited to see what she looks like :)
Big weekend ahead... tomorrow night is the rehearsal dinner for Julie's wedding, Friday night Jack gets in to town, Saturday is the wedding alllll day, and Sunday hanging out with Jack's family for the last time until probably October when we bring Sawyer to St. Louis. CRAZY!!! Time is flying by.
I've been practicing with my new camera...Here are some of my favorite shots. I have a lot to learn.

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Suzanne said...

so Sawyer punches you in the "who ha"? deserve it! (hope you know I'm kidding) I thought that was funny when I read it!