Thursday, May 6, 2010

Braxton Hicks!!!

It seems like every pregnancy email update from either,, or whatever other email I'm signed up for... they always say "this week, you MIGHT start experiencing...". Well, there's no MIGHT about it for me. Last week I got the email for my 26th week and it said "this week some women start feeling a tightening sensation in your belly, these are Braxton Hicks"... and the next day...boom! There it was. It happens very inconsistently, usually once a day, but not necessarily, and it doesn't hurt, just feels uncomfortable. But this is just my body getting me ready for labor so it's a good thing. Except when Baby is pressing on my lung when it happens... then I can't breathe. But other than that, its not a big deal :)
I went back to the chiropractor yesterday and I told her my concerns about her "popping" my back in to place and she was totally great. She used the clicker!! It didn't hurt one single bit and wasn't scary at all. (she did pop my shoulder though before I told her that I didn't want her to and that was freaky because she pushed on my neck too). I got another massage and went on my way. I think I feel better today. However my sciatic nerve is now hurting which is super painful. Imagine shooting, sharp pains from your butt to your leg. I thinks it's a little coincidental that my sciatic nerve is just now starting to hurt NOW that I'm going to the chiro. But oh well. I figure I have to do SOMETHING about my back because it is unbearable to sit at work for hours on end. My adjustable monitor and keyboard tray is working nicely though. It allows me to stand up and work or sit whenever I need to. It was very nice of my work to get this for me and I'm totally grateful. And hopefully it helps and keeps me from complaining so much :)
My cousin Lindsay is about to have her baby (her second, Sophie is 17 months) any day now. She's on bedrest till baby Alayna comes. Our girls are going to be less than 3 months apart. And then Jack's step-sister, Sarah, is due with a girl in early September. Baby French is going to have all kinds of girlfriends!!
....which makes me super sad that we are not living in St. Louis. The bigger I get, the harder it gets to not be there :( I hope the stars align for us to move back next year.
On a separate note, Jack did awesome at his race last weekend! It was super fun. I have a zillion pics on my Facebook but here are a few. No I wasn't really drinking in that was a JOKE.

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