Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pregnant + Chiropractor = Scary!

My back has been hurting since I was about 16 weeks pregnant (now 25 1/2) caused from sitting at work for hours and hours. It doesn't hurt when I stand or lay down, just sitting for long periods of time, which is a problem considering I spend my life in an 8x8 cubicle OR sitting on airplanes. I finally got up the courage (and time) to go to the chiropractor. My doctor recommended this one because she is certified in pre-natal and she sends all of her patients to her. I've never been to the chiropractor in my life so I was already having anxiety about it. But everyone assured me it was no big deal and it does not hurt and explained the "clicker" that adjusts your back and doesn't hurt at all.

Well this chiropractor had no "clicker"...maybe because I'm pregnant she didn't use it? but she did a full-blown adjustment turning my body in ways that it doesn't want to turn these days. I was not comfortable at all with what she was doing, but at this point I feel like I have to do something for the pain. So I sucked it up and went through the adjustments. Apparently my pelvic bone is being pushed the wrong way causing the pain, and some of my vertebrae are turned the wrong way. She popped my back twice. It didn't really hurt, just the position she put me in to pop it was really awkward and uncomfortable. Then I got a massage which was great. They had a belly pillow so I could lay on my stomach with my big belly in this hole. It was cool to lay on my stomach for the first time in 15 weeks or so...but I think my next massage will have to be on my side. It was weird to have any pressure on my baby and made me nervous.

Last night while laying in bed, I got shooting pains down my leg (sciatic nerve) which I hadn't had before getting adjusted so that freaked me out and have a mental breakdown thinking I made a mistake going to the chiropractor. UGH... this has been a week of breakdowns already!

CAN'T BREATHE!! In addition, the baby manages to get herself in a position where she's pressing on my lungs and it's hard to catch my breath while sitting, and on top of the pain from sitting a couple of hours, I've left work or not gone in at all every day this week.

My work is getting me a keyboard tray and monitor stand that will allow me to stand up and work. We will see how that works out. At this point I'm so frustrated with my aches and pains I just wish I could quit working now. I'm supposed to go on another trip mid-May... and I think that will be my last business trip. My plan is to keep working full-time until I have the baby, but at this point I will be lucky to make it to next month.

JACK'S BIG RACE! Jack is racing in the "Warrior Dash" this weekend. He's been training for it pretty much all year and also growing his hair out... his friend Mark and him have a bet...Mark's growing his beard out, AND he's bald. Ha! I'm planning on going to cheer them on, weather permitting.

Speaking of Jack, he is being so supportive, mostly. He's saved me from several melt-downs this week by helping me out. I spilled wax all over my bathroom and on my hand the other night and he just came in and took over and cleaned it all up... as I would start freaking out he'd calm me down. (Yes I know, it's just wax, but when you're hormonal and in pain, it's the end of the world). He's also been helping me decorate our townhouse so it feels more like a home. I spent wayyyy too much money the other day on decorations (but hey, it felt good) and he hung everything up on the walls which took hours, literally. The only thing he doesn't understand is my anxiety and stress about my back pain. He lives with back pain every day and has gone to the chiropractor tons of times (and he should still be going, but hasn't been in a longggg time) so back pain to him is totally normal. Well, to me, it's NOT! And add on the worry of hurting my baby girl = STRESS! But he's still being supportive which I appreciate.

Baby French is a mover! She literally moves all day long whether she's pressing on my belly or kicking it, she lets me know she's there. I love it! (except when she decides to park it on a lung). I am curious to know if this is a sign of her personality when she gets older (crazy woman!). My mom said she didn't feel me move until she was about 8 months pregnant. I guess Baby French gets her personality from her daddy!

With all of the complaining I'm doing, I know it could be worse. I am very grateful to be able to have this experience and I cannot wait for my baby girl to get here! It's just all so new and my body that I've known for nearly 30 years (gulp) is changing fast...and it's a little freaky!

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