Sunday, April 11, 2010

23 weeks and counting!

23 weeks prego today...only 119 days to go!
Whew! What a weekend. I am exhausted!! Decorating this big of a place is hard work. My whole body hurts from shopping all day today. Friday = decorating; Saturday = shopping and decorating and looking for baby furniture, Fort Worth Art Festival; Sunday = shopping and decorating...
I can't seem to find the PERFECT PINK for the baby's room and it's soooo exhausting. My bedding is being custom made and I'd like the pink to match exactly, but Lowe's can't match paint to I've bought many sample cans. My in-laws are coming in town next weekend to help us paint so I have to find the perfect color soon!!! (did I mention I will be out of town Mon-Fri for work???) Leave it to me to make something that should be so stressful :( I've decided to post some bare-belly pics on here for two reasons: 1) because it's the biggest, weirdest part of this pregnancy and I spend lots of time staring at it thinking "how is this ever going to go back to normal?" and realizing "oh, it's not"! and 2) because I don't have stretch marks...YET, and I'm destined to get them because my mom and sisters all got them, so I figure if I'm gonna show bare belly, now is the time. I'd like to start taking more bare-belly pics so I remember what it looked like after it's gone. But they will be for my eyes only ;)

I'm finding that the extra weight in my mid-section is really starting to wear me out! I've only gained 10 pounds so far, but it might as well be 50. My back hurts from sitting all day at work and just from the pressure of the day. It's getting harder to bend over and get into my car. Jack has a Jeep Wrangler and literally has to push me up in order to get in, and help me down from it. Needless to say, Jeep for sale!

I will be in Indiana all week for work, then next weekend Jack's mom and step-dad are coming to Dallas to check out our new place (and help us with the baby's room). I did not expect that the baby's room will get painted this soon, so I'm scrambling to find the paint colors, but SO excited to have that task checked off the never-ending baby to-do list! And we're ordering the nursery furniture next weekend...I've narrowed it down and I think we found exactly what we want. I will post pictures next weekend.

P.S. - Daddy-to-be is such a trooper! I am so lucky to have him even though my hormones haven't been showing him very much. I've been really crabby and a little down lately...not sure what's going on but I need to snap out of it! I think it's just the stress of moving and my body going through all of these changes, and missing my family and friends... but I'm taking it out on him so that's no bueno.

We go back to the doctor next Wednesday, but I don't think we'll get to see our baby girl since we just saw her last time :( Our next baby to-do's are to find a pediatrician and start interviewing day cares. I'm not sure which one is going to be harder...finding a pediatrician that shares my same views or finding a day care to trust with my baby. Both very scary! Pediatrician is higher on my priority list since I'm not going back to work after the baby until February 2011 (yay!) but I have a feeling it's going to be tough to find a day care that will take her part-time and sometimes full-time (when I travel).

I haven't felt a kick with my hand since the last time a couple weeks ago and I haven't seen my belly move since that one time. I feel her moving around in there all day, but poor Jack hasn't gotten to feel it yet. I'm sure she will start kicking hard soon enough so he can feel it. Right now her favorite thing to do is push on my bladder 5 minutes after I just went!
Can't wait to meet this little turkey! Come on AUGUST!!!

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