Monday, April 5, 2010

22 Weeks ~ Easter Weekend

Just got back from a fun-filled weekend in St. Louis. I went solo and Jack stayed in Dallas (and painted our new townhouse for me). Friday night I got to hang out with all my girlfriends and eat my favorite pizza in St. Louis, Pironne's. I finally got a baby bump pic with my girlfriend who is due 2 days after me!! This is her second baby so I thought her bump would be bigger than mine...but of course not :( At least it's comparable.

Saturday we had the Stevens' family Easter at my cousin Lindsay's new house (Lindsay is also prego, due May 22nd...and here's where the jokes started flying in). My family always does a fabulous job at making fun of me. First of all, Lindsay is 5' 11" and carries her babies like a champ! She didn't even look pregnant at all with her first baby.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like poo. My cold had moved to my chest and I developed a terrible cough. So, for the first time since I've been pregnant, I took some medicine. I did help, luckily and I was able to make it through the day.

Easter Sunday I was still feeling bad but went to church with my parents, nieces and nephew, and my sister. Then my mom's side of the family came over. It was a beautiful day and I ate too much food, but it was great to hang out with the fam. It is sad that I won't see them for over a month...

I also had a prego "first" this weekend. I saw my belly move!!! It was very cool. And I'm starting to feel her kick more with my hands rather than just inside. It's so fun knowing she's always there with me.

I ordered the crib set today!! I designed it myself (with the help of my BFF) and it's being made. My plan is to paint the baby's room in a couple of weeks when Jack's mom comes in town...I hope I'm ready!

Here is a picture of my 22 weeks prego belly taken on Easter Sunday!

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