Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baby's Room!!

I must say...I have the best Mother-in-Law EVER! Jack's mom and step-dad Rick came to Dallas this weekend to see our new place. We made major progress on the baby's room. We ordered the furniture (which may not come in until July...eek) which is below. We are getting everything in the picture except the armoire and the hutch top. The crib will turn in to a toddler bed and a full size bed. The changing table is on top of the shorter dresser that comes with rails for the sides.Jack and his mom painted AND stenciled the baby's room. Here are the in-progress pictures down to where it is today. Still a lot of work to be done but I'm feeling way ahead of the game now! I cut in around the window...and that was about it. Don't worry, it was the Low-VOC paint from Sherwin Williams and I was wearing a mask.
Jack and his mom starting the stencilling process...well, trying to figure it out anyway. That part took some math and some brain power!I had to prove that I helped a little bit ;)
Almost finished! The other side of the room where the crib will go. The fan will be replaced with a chandelier.

The completed stencil and my crib bedding color palette. We will add a chair rail/picture ledge between the two paint colors. It's so nice to have the painting I can concentrate on decorating the rest of the townhouse and the rest of the baby's rooms. I still have lots of projects ahead :)
Thank you Rick and Cathy for everything this weekend!!!

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