Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You're ONLY 3 1/2 months???

14 weeks!!!
I just got back from a weekend in the 'Lou. It was short and sweet but very fun (and busy). I got my pizza fix on Friday night (Dewey's) and got to see my BFF's babies on Saturday. Sunday was Superbowl and I had a blast at my parents' friend's party. Even for being sober...old drunk people are HILARIOUS! My parents have had the same friends since high school so I've grown up with them all and it's so fun to be able to hang out with them as an adult... I hope my friends are as close as they are when we are old. (okay they're not that old, but it's funny to say).

I love the question of how far along I am and to see every one's reaction when I say 14 weeks. "You're ONLY 3 1/2 months....wow, you look further along than that". Hey thanks! Just what I wanted to hear "you're a fat @$$". Actually, it really doesn't bother me...I think it's funny. My cousin Lindsay is 6 1/2 months pregnant and her belly is as big as mine. (But I was prepared for that to happen because she already has a 1 year old and never looked pregnant with Sophie).

Now people are starting to say they think I'm having a girl. Mick Frede ~ who is "never wrong" thinks it's a girl. My mom's friend who is an OB nurse for 20+ years thinks it's a girl. I think because my belly is round and wide, that it's a girl. But we find out in 17 days!!!!! Can. Not. Wait.

So I'm 14 weeks, and by some books, I just started my second trimester (however I go by the books that say you start your second trimester starting week 13). It's a nice relief to be officially in my second trimester. I know my chances for a miscarriage now are very, very low. With all of my doctor appointments, I know that my baby is growing perfectly and has a very low chance for any genetic disorders and has all it's vital organs that look and measure right on schedule, according to the NT screening tests.

I'm finally feeling better. I think (and hope) my sickness is gone...although I had an "episode" last week that involved dry heaving in the kitchen sink....yummy. But since then, my energy seems to be back (although I get exhausted easily and take a nap at any chance I get). So cheers to the second trimester of feeling good and sporting a cute baby bump before I turn in to the Pillsbury Dough Girl.

I will post a picture of my bare belly but it's for your eyes only...because it's repulsive. But whatever, it's the one time in my life I can show people my bare belly. Feel free to comment with your guess of if baby French is a boy or girl...you will find out in a couple weeks :)

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