Friday, January 29, 2010

February 25th!!!!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday with my regular Doctor (Dr. Staud). The last visit she told Jack he didn't have to come to this one because she wasn't going to look at the baby, just me (since we had the specialist appointment on Monday and he looked at the baby). So Jack didn't go...and she DID do an ultrasound! I felt soooo bad. Poor Jack. He was really bummed.

Some of my blood work from the specialist came back that tested for Downs Syndrome and Trisomy 13 Syndrome and were way better than the average....her exact words were "the results can't be any better than no need to worry". That was a load off. Little Baby French is going to be just perfect!

Dr. Staud also discovered that I have an Anterior Placenta. This means "your baby is taking a backseat to the placenta. The term "anterior placenta" refers to the location of the placenta within your uterus. Most of the time, a fertilized egg will situate itself in the posterior uterus — the part closest to your spine, which is where the placenta eventually develops, too. Sometimes, though, the egg implants on the opposite side of the uterus, closest to your abdomen. When the placenta develops, it grows on the front (or anterior) side of your uterus, with the baby behind it."

All this means is that I might be less able to feel the baby's early kicks and punches because the placenta will serve as a cushion between baby and my belly. The placenta usually moves later on during pregnancy.

"If, however, you have an anterior placenta that is also lying quite low in your uterus, it could partially or completely block off the cervix (and the baby's way out), a condition called placenta previa (which can make a cesarean section necessary). But again, because the placenta generally migrates around in the uterus quite a bit during pregnancy, a low-lying placenta will very often have moved into the upper part of the uterus — and safely out of the baby's way — by the time you're ready to deliver. "

This same thing just happened to my friend Becky who is 6 months pregnant, and the uterus already moved back. It's absolutely nothing to worry about, and to be honest, if it means I have to have a C-Section....I am completely happy with that!!! (oh darn, I don't get to be in absolute misery and pain...oh and get to schedule baby's due date and it will only take 30 minutes?? hmmmm...that doesn't sound so bad to me). I'm not one of those mom's that feels like if I don't have my baby vaginally, then I'm not really experiencing it. I'm really scared that my baby is going to get stuck in "there" and they will have to suction his/her head out...and that is my absolute worst fear of giving birth (as long as everything else is fine). The thought of them screwing something to my baby's head and SUCKING them out of way Jose. Not my baby! How much more traumatic can they make it for the little one??? And the forceps.....ugh. They pull the baby's head...what if they pull the head off? or break it's neck?? I'm definitely going to share my concerns with my doctor when it gets closer and let her know I am all for a C-Section if she doesn't think this baby will come out the other way.

Dr. Staud tried REALLY hard to tell if it was a boy or girl...I told her that we were bummed that Dr. Peters couldn't tell, so I guess she wanted to show him up? One angle she'd say "Right now, I'd say it's a boy....but here, it looks like a girl". She wasn't looking between the legs, but rather at the insides of the baby near the upper pelvis. A straight line at this point (as opposed to 3 lines later on) means a girl. For a boy, she looks at the way the genitals protrude out of the body. So who knows...right now baby French is a hermaphrodite! But we set the date when we will find out the sex FOR SURE....FEBRUARY 25th! 4 WEEKS!!! How am I going to last that long????? (but as my mom's saving me a lot of money because we'd be out buying stuff for the little one). I will be almost 17 weeks by then so that "area" should be nice and clear to tell!!! Fingers crossed! And now we have a major milestone to look forward to :) It's all downhill from there... A long waiting game till August! It's going to be weird not seeing Baby for 4 weeks! We've pretty much seen the itty bitty every 2 weeks since we found out we were pregnant :( It will be exciting seeing how much it's grown though.

Oh, and I've gained back the weight I lost... I should gain 1 - 2 pounds a week from now on!

P.S. - Baby is about the size of a peach. 2.67 inches yesterday...a little ahead of schedule, as it has been. Measured at 13 weeks 1 day yesterday.

Tomorrow I will OFFICIALLY be starting my SECOND TRIMESTER! Wow! That really went by fast, considering how crappy I felt. Yesterday was the first time in a while that I didn't feel crossing my fingers that is a sign of what's to come!

Here's a pic of baby French at 13 weeks... not as close as the specialists pictures. Baby is upside down...which made it even harder to see the private parts! I think Baby is testing our patience...

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