Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Happy" Valentine's Day to me...

I must say this Valentine's Day (my first one being pregnant) was the absolute worst Valentine's Day EVER...but it was also one of the best. It all started when my romantic husband took me out to dinner on Saturday night to Steak n' Shake (it was a prego craving...not his first choice). Sunday around noon I started feeling nauseous. I was like "really, is this really happening...I'm 15 weeks for cryin out loud"...and then came the vomiting, and more, and more and then diarrhea, and vomiting. UGH! I was sick for 12 straight hours. I think the final puke count was 6, and I didn't keep track of the other fun things that were going on. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me.
Was this payback for not puking through the nauseousness of the first trimester? Did I have food poisoning from eating cold cheese on my steak fries?
I left my doctor a message at 5:00 a.m. on Monday morning. The nurse called me back when they opened and told me it didn't sound like food poisoning to her, just to keep fluids in me and she'll let the doctor know. She said there is a stomach bug that is going around and I probably just have that. By this time I hadn't barfed in 6 hours so I took her advice and kept trying to drink Sprite, water, and fruit cocktail syrup.
I'm finally back at work today after taking Monday and Tuesday off to recover. My body was so weak I couldn't walk down the hall without feeling like I just ran a mile.
It's scary being sick when you're pregnant. Not to mention I lost 10 pounds in less than 24 hours! And normally I'd be jumping up and down and getting back on the diet bandwagon, but it was hard enough to gain those 10 pounds in the first place...
I am still worried that being that sick HAD to affect the baby somehow...I mean, everything else I do affects the baby. But I know lots of women get sick while pregnant. I have a Doctor appointment next week (the BIG one) so I'm going to try to set my worrying aside and know that the baby is just fine in there.
I said above this was the worst Valentine's Day and one of the best at the same time because even though I was miserable and barfing my brains out, my sweet husband was right by my side. He waited on my every need, ran to the store to get "supplies", cleaned up my puke, held my hair back, just like the awesome dad that I know he's going to be! He even surprised me with the sweetest Valentine's Day card in between pukes. He took off work Monday to stay with me even though I had stopped puking. I am so thankful to have him!!!
Now he is sick with a nasty cold that we've both had for over a week. I hope he doesn't get whatever bug I had.

Oh and one last note about what an awesome dad my hubby is going to be...we babysat our friends' 11 month old on Friday night. I was sick with a cold so I didn't want to get too close to baby Gray, so Jack did most of the work. He even put him to bed like a pro. It was so cute. Every time Gray made a noise, Jack would look at the monitor and then go in there to check on him. Adorable! I spied on him from the video monitor...he is definitely a pro already...and that was his first time putting a baby to bed. It was lots of fun and good practice for us.

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