Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I had a dream....

I figured this was appropriate since yesterday was MLK day...and my mom's birthday!! She's 35 ;) So EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVERYONE thinks I'm having a boy...except for me...I think it's a girl. But last night I had a dream that we had a beautiful, tiny, little boy. He was so cute I can still see his little face. The funny thing was Jack and I were taking him to our Softball game (yes we play co-ed Softball with my company) in our friend Jamie's truck, with our friend Brandon driving and baby in the middle...yes in between the driver's and passenger's seats, not buckled in, just setting on the center council in his carseat. Jack and I were in the back seats holding the car seat! Then we get to the game and had to make sure we weren't on the field the same inning so one of us could watch the baby. Okay, if this is a glimpse at the kind of parents we're going to be....OUCH! What I think and hope this dream meant was that we have a healthy baby growing and I should stop worrying! I can't wait until Monday to see our little baby and know that he/she is perfect...and to maybe find out if it's a he or a she!!

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