Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Alien baby!

So I know I said last doctor's visit was the best one yet...but they just keep getting better! Today we saw our 10 week 2 day Alien baby!! Look...it really does look like an alien head (I turned the pic upside down so you can see the head at the top...it's little hands are on it's face). Dr. Staud said everything looked great. Baby's heartbeat was 160 bpm which is perfect. She said everything looks great! I lost 4 pounds though... but that's probably because I've been feeling so naseous and haven't wanted to eat anything so I've just been eating half of everything. So I guess I need to start eating more (darn).
Jack and I were in shock when we left the doctor because she said we get to find out if it's a boy or a girl in 2 weeks!!! The reason so early (normally it's 16-20 weeks) is because she said we can go to a specialist that does more blood work to check for genetic disorders and has a super-duper ultrasound machine that can tell the sex that early. Going to see this specialist is totally optional and she wasn't pushing it on us or thinks we have to do it, she just gave it as an option. He is the specialist that would do the amniocentesis if we choose to do so (which we aren't going to do). We're dying to know if it's a boy or girl so how awesome is it that we'll know in 2 WEEKS!!

Another little shocker today was while Dr. Staud was doing the ultrasound she took a little peek between the baby's legs and....

(This is a pic from the torso down to the feet. The feet are together like it is praying with it's feet or sitting Indian-style). And look between the legs...Dr. Staud said she thinks it's a BOY, but also said whenever she says that, it ends up a girl. You should've seen Jack's face when she said BOY...you would've thought he won the lottery. Boy or Girl, we are just ecstatic to have a growing baby! Dr. Staud also said it has long legs (just like mommy... hahaha). It was funny because the baby was sleeping and I wanted to see it move so she told me to cough and it should wake it up...nope...then she started shaking my belly...nothing...finally a combo of both woke the little peanut up and we saw it moving around...hopefully this is a sign of what's to come and it will be a good little sleeper!!

Here's a picture of my little bitty 10 weeks along baby bump!

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