Friday, January 22, 2010

Boss Lady!

I told my boss that I was pregnant yesterday and she was so excited she started crying. I wasn't nervous to tell her because I knew she'd be happy for me (she has a 15 month old). I told her I wanted to take 6 months off after the baby's born and she was totally cool with it. She said I can take as much time as I want, they will work around me. And then I told her I wanted to come back Part-Time and she said that is totally fine, I can do whatever I want. They just don't want to lose me!!! Yay! I figured she would be cool with it, but it is nice to know for sure.

I'm so lucky to have such an awesome boss, and job. As much as I complain, it really is a good job. Any job that let's me work from home in my PJ's and travel around the country, is a job worth keeping.

Jack is so lucky to have a job that allows me to be able to not get paid for 6 months, then cut my salary in half. Did I mention that he gets 4 WEEKS fully paid Paternity leave after the baby comes??? I don't even get full pay! My disability (that I pay into every pay check) only covers 60% (non-tax) of my salary for 6 weeks....8 weeks if I have a C-Section.

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suzanne said...

that is SO amazing!!! You get 6 MONTHS?!?!?!?! You are so lucky!