Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Update!!

We just got back from the doctor (yesterday) and we got to see baby Sawyer moving all about. She is 4 lbs 7 oz already and at this rate, if I go till my due date (08.08) she will be over 8 lbs... but my doctor doesn't want me to deliver an 8 lbs baby (and neither do I).

GOOD NEWS FOR ME!!! The ONLY good news I've been able to get out of this Gestational Diabetes business is that the doc can induce me at 38 weeks instead of 39!!! Wooohoooo. That made me very happy :)

I've still been having regular contractions and she looked at my cervix and it has shortened since the last visit. It's still nice and closed, but it's getting ready. YIKES!

She sure gave Jack a LOAD of trouble about going to Jamaica... she told him that her husband missed the birth of their 2nd baby and she has never let him forget it. But the worst part is when their daughter gets old enough to ask about it, and they have to lie and say he was there. Now she went in to labor early and delivered the baby at 33 weeks...which let's all PRAY that doesn't happen, but it would be quite a coincidence considering I will be 33 weeks next week when Jack is in Jamaica.

I am FREAKING out that I will go in to labor when either 1. Jack's in Jamaica (in which we WILL be divorced...haha) or 2. when I'm in St. Louis and Jack's in Dallas (the better of the two cases, but still a chance he could miss it. Not to mention either of these scenarios would cost a million bucks to get him on a flight that short of notice. I know these are just my prego hormones taking over...but it just made me feel uneasy that my usually laid-back doctor seemed a little worried.

The baby furniture or crib bedding STILL hasn't come in so of course I'm freaking out about that. We did get the room all painted and the closet organizers in and all of her clothes are put away. I need to wash them though.

Here is my list of things to do for the baby's room:

1. get furniture (ordered)

2. get crib bedding (ordered)

3. get and install chandelier

4. find prints to hang in frames for wall in baby's room

5. get and hang wall decal (ordered)

6. wash all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes and sheets, etc

7. get changing table pad

8. buy stroller and infant car seat

9. buy an olive green damask rug (haven't even found it this is not a priority)

10. buy a recliner

11. paint or find a new rocking chair for baby's room (Jack's mom gave us one, but Jack doesn't want me to paint it for some reason)

So yes, I am a freaking out a little bit!! This weekend we were going to get a lot of these things done, but now we have 10 hours of Childbirth Classes to go to !!! Last night we did our Infant CPR class. And next week we leave for out of town for a couple of weeks... yikes!

I guess this weekend is going to be an expensive one!

Here is a sneak peek at her room. Below is the closet with the new drawers from IKEA.
I love the stencil and chair rail!
I still have a lot of stuff to put away...that's why the FURNITURE needs to get here!!!

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