Monday, March 15, 2010

19 weeks! Weekend O' Fun in St. Louis!

Jack and I spent the weekend in St. Louis. Friday night was Hailey's 3rd birthday party (see pictures below) and some family came over to my parents house. The kiddos were super excited to see Uncle Jack, aka "Jackie" as Hailey and Kamryn call him, repeatedly, over and over and over. They haven't seen him since Christmas so they were a little excited.

Saturday was rainy and cold so I decided to sit out the St. Patty's day celebrations and stay warm. Jack, however, had enough fun for the both of us.

Sunday we celebrated lots of birthday's on the French/Brommelhorst side. It was Jack's mom's birthday, Jack's stepsister Katie's birthday, and her husband Dominic's birthday celebrations. It was fun to see little Zachary (who is not so little anymore) since we hadn't seen him since Christmas. He is a chunky monkey! So sweet and so cute. And Haley (Katie's little girl that just turned 1) is walking now!

Jack's stepsister Sarah is pregnant and due in early September so there will be lots of baby's on Jack's side for Baby French to play with. Very exciting and so funny because it used to be so calm and quiet on his side (as opposed to my side that is crazy with kiddos). Now there is no escaping the chaos!!

I'm spending the week in Seattle this week, Jack is back in Dallas. This weekend Lauren is coming to Dallas to help me register!!! I'm sooooooooooo excited. And so thankful to have such an awesome BFF. She went a little crazy buying Baby French clothes. She got her at least 20 little outfits varying in all sizes. I swear my baby has more clothes than me already! I love it.

We also got cute little dresses from my grandma, Jack's mom, and Jack's sister this weekend. I am loving every second of it!!! And every time Jack sees a tiny little pink dress, it becomes a little more real for him and he starts freaking out.

Let's all pray this little girl is still a little girl at our next doctor appointment, or I am going to have one feminine little boy!! P.S. - the doctor had to reschedule my ultrasound appointment to Monday, March 29th. Only 4 days more to wait, but I really want to see my baby girl and make sure she is still a girl!!!

Moving day is next Friday, the 26th. We are so ready to get OUT of this apartment and start our life in more space. Counting down the days :)

Hailey and Jack, Kamryn and Cousin Mark

Yipeeeee Hailey's 3!
Jack had to try on Hailey's tu-tu.

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Priscilla said...

Hi!! I'm 19 weeks tomorrow...I look forward to following your pregnany since we are so close together. I find out if I'm having a boy or a girl this Friday...can't wait!!

Congratulations on you baby girl!!! Woo Hoo!! So exciting!!! Your baby bump is precious!! :)