Monday, January 4, 2010

Our first doctor appointment...

Baby French 5 weeks:

December 7th finally came and we found out my progesterone (a hormone essential to keep the baby "sticking" the first trimester) level was 60! This was awesome (the last preganancy it was only 12...16 is the minimum and 20 is about normal for that early). Unfortunately I was so disappointed because all we saw was the sac and what the doctor thought was the "stem" (aka, the baby). So the wait was still on...scheduled another appointment for a few days later (the day before we went to St. Louis for 3 weeks) and hoped to see a heartbeat....and WE DID! What a relief. A huge weight was lifted. Heartbeat was around 110 bpm.

I am a little crazy so I also found a doctor in St. Louis and went to him the following week to make sure everything was still progressing as it's supposed to, and we got to hear the heartbeat again and this time it increased to 130 bpm. Baby F was progressing right on schedule. We felt much more comfortable telling our family at Christmas time.

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