Monday, January 4, 2010

A Baby's Brewing!!

Little baby Frenchie is 9 weeks! We couldn't be more excited.... here's a little history:
This isn't our first pregnancy, unfortunately. I was pregnant back in May, but lost the baby at 9 weeks (middle of June) so that is why this week in our pregnancy is a milestone. We'd been "trying" to get pregnant since July, however my crazy travel schedule between work and personal trips to St. Louis weren't helping the situation. Finally, I got placed on a project that I haven't had to travel since November, and whatdya know...that's when it happened! My husband thought I was crazy for taking a pregnancy test...I'd been taking them every 2 to 3 weeks since August...and every time, the same ol' story...NEGATIVE. So I decided to get my life back on track and not stress so much about getting pregnant. In October I finally joined the gym and was loving getting in shape and going to my classes with my buddies. I also decided to get the dreaded wisdom teeth surgery. So it was all set and scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving (so I'd have the long weekend to recover since we were staying in Dallas for the holiday). I told myself that I'd wait to take a P-test until the Monday before the surgery, so I'd have enough time to cancel it if I was prego. But of course I couldn't wait...I took a test the Thursday before the surgery (so about a week) and it was a big, fat NEGATIVE. I was devesated. But, there are false positives, right? The Monday before the surgery (November 23rd, Shannon's birthday), I woke up at 5 a.m. (and let's get serious, that is not normal). I was wide awake and had to I thought "eh, why not...I only have one test left anyway". It was a faint line, but it was a I woke up Jack and told him to go look and of course he was like "what, there's no line" and went back to bed...nice. An hour or so later he woke up and went to the bathroom and I heard "Holy $%^&, there is a line". We scheduled a doctor appointment for the next day for blood work. And got in to see the doctor December 7th...that was the longest wait EVER!

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