Thursday, May 13, 2010


Has any other prego's out there ever gotten a nosebleed from being pregnant? It all started Sunday night/Monday morning around 3 a.m. I woke up having to pee and felt like my nose was running so I went to the bathroom and my nose was GUSHING blood. Weirdest thing ever. I completely freaked out! I called for Jack and he came in and calmed me down, cleaned up the blood which was EVERYWHERE, and laughed because I'd never had a nose bleed before. It was super scary for me. So I've continued to have one every night since. Hoping this isn't a trend. Last nights was pretty bad. It's gross because it drips down my throat and I end up swallowing a ton of blood which then upsets my stomach. UGH.
I asked the doctor about this at our appointment yesterday and she said it's totally normal. Just another "perk" of being pregnant. There's a scientific reason behind why this happens, but I'll spare you the disgusting details. Her only advice was to keep a humidifier going (which I have been). Yuck!

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